Life Coaching Testimonials

“Anne’s Freedom Coaching is beyond what I imagined. After just one session the magic began to be expressed in my life.
Anne held sacred space, guided me to my own divine truth, listened deeply, and accurately transcribed what came through me,
which serves as an ongoing reminder. I felt so much lighter after the session. Hearing my own voice expressing divine truth is so very healing!
Thank you so much!”
~ K. Alexandra, Vancouver Island, BC

“Anne has a special combination of gifts, skills, traits, and magic that make her a unique coach
– someone who stands out. She is someone I turn to first when in difficult straits.
Her gift is tremendous vision and penetrating insight, blended with practicality.
Experience running her own business as a lawyer, as a non-profit executive director, and as a consultant, give her a strong sense of business.
When I am in the midst of confusion, she is able to see things from a different perspective and expand my view.”
~ H. Richman, Halifax, NS

“The negative tapes that had been playing for years stopped after just 2 sessions.
In 10 sessions I went from what felt like a dead end career to starting a new business.”
~ D. Fallek, Vancouver, BC

“These sessions are helping me to move forward in places where I had truly felt stuck for a long time.
The holistic approach, based on core purposes has facilitated the integration of my essence and knowing
with the practical reality of my life. It has provided a clear framework and foundation from which to move forward.”
~ C. Aubin, Vancouver, BC

“Anne is an intuitive healer who is deeply connected and has clear guidance. The ceremony she created was a sacred container for my healing. As a result, I experienced a healing on the physical level, and I also connected with an ancestral healer from my own lineage. Anne’s grounded presence made the work seem effortless.”
~ M. Agni Atma, Victoria, BC

“Anne’s coaching method encouraged me to focus on my strengths and abilities on a daily basis.
Her approach is well-structured, intuitive, and life enhancing.”
~ H. Grein, Vancouver, BC

“Anne is a natural coach. She has keen perceptive abilities and compassionately,
but with a sense of direction, brings out the best in people.”
~ T. Macdonald, Vancouver, BC

“I am grateful for Anne’s respectful approach to coaching through the Create Your Freedom Portfolio that she developed. Tapping into all aspects of myself, through Core Essence Statements for example, has been insightful and supportive.
I appreciate Anne’s whole life approach that includes the emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of one’s being.
She offers wise advice and tools to support one’s unique path in the world.”
~ M.A. Moore, Nanaimo, BC