I developed Creating Your Freedom Portfolio in 2004 and I’ve been helping people live with more passion and purpose ever since. My work in coaching started when a few of the professionals I was working with on some health issues asked me what I was doing to move through things so quickly and suggested I try to help others. So I came up with a journey consisting of 9 steps that I began walking people through. That’s how Creating Your Freedom Portfolio was born.

In Creating Your Freedom Portfolio, I first guide you deep within to the essence of who you are and what gives your life meaning. From there, we create a strategic plan for your life.

I started my career as a lawyer and was admitted to the Bar in Nova Scotia (1995) and British Columbia (2014). I’ve practiced law in both provinces, assisting clients through family law matters, criminal proceedings, and representing survivors of institutional abuse (physical and sexual abuse experienced in institutional settings like prisons and churches).

My work as a lawyer has included:

  • working in a mid-sized firm
  • working in a few small firms (including a feminist, social justice law firm)
  • working as a sole practitioner at my own firm

I have an understanding and experience of working as an employee in law firms, as well as running my own business as a lawyer.

I have also worked in the non-profit/social enterprise sector. My work in that sector has included:

  • project management of novel pilot projects that used a peer-based approach to support residents of the downtown eastside of Vancouver to make improvements to health and housing in their neighbourhood
  • working as an Executive Director for a child and youth-serving organization in Vancouver
  • working as a Consultant, developing board governance tools within organizations
  • acting as the Chair of a Board of Directors for a mental health-serving organization
  • developing Social Enterprises (for profit organizations with a social and/or environmental purpose)

Most of the work I have done in my life has had a social justice flavour and I sought out a spiritual foundation for this work very early on. Tibetan Buddhism has been my main foundation. In 2018, I was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer. I learned so much about true health in my recovery, using minimal surgery combined with a strong emphasis on naturopathic, homeopathic, and spiritual approaches to healing. I have never felt better in my life and the improvements I feel are backed up by the test results I have been receiving.

Creativity has been another important thread through my life. I have always been a writer. Journaling and writing poetry have been ways for me to more deeply experience and understand the processes of my life over the last 20+ years. Writing has been an invaluable tool in navigating the many twists, turns, and transitions life takes over the years. I also have been painting, as another form of creative expression, for at least a decade.

I have navigated many transitions in my life, moving between practicing law, providing services for non-profits and social enterprises, and providing coaching services. My approach to coaching has evolved over the years to be more open and varied, drawing upon all that I have studied and experienced. I still use the 9 step Creating a Freedom Portfolio for Your Life I developed in the early days. I also often draw upon some aspects of Creating a Freedom Portfolio for Your Life and some aspects of Co-Active Coaching, which is a client-centered, collaborative approach to dancing in the moment with your goals and agenda.

What I have found along the way is that if we are given the right support at the right time, we can grow and flourish throughout our lives. I have had many friends and teachers along the way. I know that life is better when we are able to step more fully into who we truly are and share our gifts with others in ways that make our heart sing. Supporting others in stepping into this way of life is my greatest joy and honour.