Realize Your Full Potential

Welcome! I am a Lawyer, Certified Legal Coach, Life Coach, Writer, and Artist.
My greatest joy is to assist others in walking a path to their own freedom and bringing their dreams into being.

I started my career as a lawyer in 1995. I practiced for a few years, mainly in the areas of family law, criminal law, and institutional abuse,
assisting survivors who had suffered physical and sexual abuse in institutional settings like churches and prisons.
After finding that the systems we were using were re-traumatizing survivors, I left the practice of law for a number of years.

I began my own deep explorations and healing journey in the late 1990s.
This has included many body-centered modalities and practices, grief and loss work, as well as ancestral healing and reclamation.

Life Coach Victoria BC - Realize Your Full Potential

In 2004, I developed Creating Your Freedom Portfolio and I have been working formally and informally as a Life Coach ever since.
Creating Your Freedom Portfolio is a 9-step program where I act as a guide for people to go deep within to discover their essence,
moving outwards from there to align who you are at the deepest level, with what you are doing in the world
. In the first part of the process,
we dive deep into your life and essence to uncover your unique inner riches, which lays a strong, heart-based foundation for your continued evolution.

To put it very simply, my focus is freedom. The people I work with want to discover and create what they wish to have more of in their lives,
and step away from what they no longer feel called to. They have a dream inside. They want to discover, support, and manifest that evolving dream. This is what I call the work of freedom, moving into your own dream of why you are here.
I have been doing this in my own life, and I love working with others on this path.

Life Coach Anne O'Neil Victoria BC

Besides the more structured approach in Creating Your Freedom Portfolio, I also offer Intuitive Coaching,
which is a very fluid, client-driven approach to meeting you in the moment to provide support in manifesting your life’s work,
or whatever intention or goal you have set for yourself.

What does freedom look like and feel like for you? What do you need to live from there?

I love supporting others to walk their own path to whatever freedom is for them.

My approach to coaching is tailored to your needs, goals, and personality.
I believe that coaching is a sacred collaborative process where we celebrate who you are and what is working for you,
at the same time as we bring energy and focus to the areas you wish to expand into.
Developing a strong sense of who we are is essential on the path to freedom.
In what I see and experience, it makes all the difference, no matter what we are facing in any moment.

One of my most fundamental beliefs is that we all have the answers we need inside us,
but we often need some support or assistance in bringing our inner knowing and riches forward.
A sacred coaching relationship provides the container for the process of uncovering that inner wealth.
I offer the combination of a clear, focused mind, with a highly creative and intuitive approach.

Life Coaching Victoria BC - Realize Your Full Potential

I went back to practicing law in 2010, practicing mainly in the areas of family law, criminal law, and union side labour law. In 2021,
I became a Certified Legal Coach. Legal Coaching is a relatively new way to deliver legal services.
Currently there are not many lawyers with this certification. In the right circumstances, legal coaching is empowering because it supports clients in resolving their own legal problems. It also makes legal services more affordable.
I still provide full-service lawyering, as well as legal coaching, mainly in family law.
I may be able to assist  with other legal matters, so if you are wondering, please ask.

I have also worked in the non-profit sector, and recovered from a life-threatening illness
using mainly homeopathic, naturopathic, and spiritual healing.
I am in the process of writing a book, which will be about my journey with breast cancer,
including the rich and evolving connection I have with spirit, my ancestors, and the land.
I also am an artist and have an online gallery.

I am grateful to live in Coast Salish territory, the home of the T’sou-ke Nation.
I am currently based in what is widely known as Sooke, British Columbia.

I am available globally via phone or Zoom.