Lawyering and Legal Coaching

“Amazing lawyer. Top notch! Genuine, caring, dedicated and smart. I was in a very vulnerable place and Anne made everything go so smoothly. She gave me hope and comfort, without sugar coating my situation.
Anne genuinely cared about and made my child’s safety
and well-being a top priority. Her work went above and beyond what I expected, achieving great results in a very difficult situation.”
~ Client, Vancouver Island, BC

I am a lawyer and a certified legal coach based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I provide lawyering and legal coaching, mainly in family law. I may be able to assist in another area, so if you have a question, please ask. I have also provided lawyering and legal coaching in labour and employment law.

Legal coaching is a relatively new service, with certification being made available only recently. Relatively few lawyers in Canada have this certification. Legal coaching is a way for clients to feel more empowered in the right circumstances, as they act on their own behalf. As a legal coach, I am in the background assisting you to represent yourself.

Legal coaching is also a way to provide more affordable legal services, thereby increasing access to justice. Most people who find themselves needing a lawyer do not qualify for legal aid, and they also cannot afford a full-service lawyer. Legal coaching is an option that gives clients more control and agency over their own lives and their budgets.

“I so appreciate all the work and important effort you’ve put into my daughter’s case. Because of you, my granddaughter will have a real chance at a normal, healthy childhood that she so deserves. Also, my daughter has grown into a very strong, mature woman.
I can’t thank you enough, for my granddaughter and all of us.”
~ Mother of client, Vancouver Island, BC

Besides working as a lawyer and legal coach, I have many years of experience in promoting positive change in a number of settings, including:

  • improved housing and health services
  • promoting compassionate and evidence-based drug policy
  • stopping the BC government from restricting scope of practice for “alternative” health practitioners, including naturopaths, chiropractors, etc.
  • the protection of the environment/ecosystems
  • the promotion of Indigenous laws and rights

“I found Anne brilliant, clear and concise. I felt better for our time together.”
~ Client, Vancouver Island, B.C.

I have also done work for the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch as a writer and policy lawyer on law and policy reform initiatives. My work in this area has included submissions to government on child protection law and policy reform, Police Act law and policy reform, and the right to civil jury trials as a fundamental right in our legal system.

Current rates (subject to change):

  • initial consultations for $250/hour plus GST and PST (this is a one-time rate for a legal consultation)
  • legal coaching for $250/hour plus GST and PST
  • full-service lawyering for $300/hour plus GST and PST

I can be reached at:
Phone: 250-940-3585


“Anne O’Neil is professional, thoughtful and experienced. I hired Anne to coach me to advocate for myself. She was able to steer me in the right direction when unexpected problems surfaced. Anne worked with me with compassion and care and helped me develop confidence in my abilities. She had an accurate understanding of my circumstances through deep listening and was quick to point out the right actions for me to take. Anne was always prepared for our telephone calls and the combination of her knowledge and intuition took me to a level I never expected. She offered outstanding guidance. Hiring Anne to be my legal coach was a ‘best’ decision for me.”
~ Client, Kamloops, BC

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